Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I don’t mean “not good looking. I mean, not attracting others. In the Church sense. See, a lot of the missional leaders I read and post from have come from some pretty large church experiences. They have planted churches that have grown exponentially. They have built church empires. They have gone into the “church as …

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Summertime hits us hard here in Seward, Alaska. We are a tourist destination and this place is “hopping” from May through September. People come from around South Central Alaska to come and play in Seward with their fishing poles in hand, with boats in the water, with their RVs in the campgrounds. And all of …

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Whenever I’m tempted to give up because change is taking too long, I take great comfort in Jesus’ seed parables. The kingdom of God is like a seed, not a building project.

The seed is small, unimpressive, easily overlooked. The seed is planted in the ground, which is actually a death. The seed dies in the ground, but then is transformed and begins to grow. Slowly, but surely, the seed grows into a plant that fills a garden with fruit.

That’s what change will be like in your church. Plant the kingdom seed of a missional movement, and just keep tending to it. You can’t make it grow, but you can give it the right conditions for growth. It will eventually grow into a beautiful plant that gives life.

(Via Ben Sternke)

February 5, 2015