Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Steve Hovater’s post on Grace and Mission serves as a correction to one of the issues that has plagued much of the missional world. “Grace,” as a word, is absent from much missional writing. I would argue that grace is inherently present in the great missional movement of God, the Missio Dei. After all, it’s …

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If there’s something in God’s kingdom that you’ve looked at and thought “I could never do that because…,” would you stop for a minute, and try seriously asking God if maybe that thing you think you can’t do is actually something he’s made you to do?



November 2, 2016

One more quote from Bill Easum as I just rediscovered him again. This is what he says about having a Kingdom Orientation when thinking of Church Planting: A Kingdom orientation is the number one thing I hear over and over. A kingdom orientation allows pastors to: Care more about how many people they give away …

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“What Is the Mission Of God?” From Steven Hovater

There may be many paths of answering that great theological question, which rises to the significance of the meaning of creation and the intent of all of God’s interactions with creation. In the missional conversation, the quotation above already offers a possible trajectory, referencing “God’s purposes to restore and heal creation.” This is perhaps enough of a departure from theologies that view creation as tangential to God’s intent to warrant our attention, but we may be more particular in the direction of missional theology. Missional theologians and practitioners often describe God’s intent for creation by recognizing and describing a particular narrative arc within scripture. The basic line of that narrative may be described like this: God’s intent was for creation to be full of life and goodness (whatever goodness might entail is an important question), but creation is corrupt because of human collaboration with evil. Nevertheless, God pursues that intent, restoring corrupted creation through the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and will one day bring about the final restoration, reconciliation, and recreation of all things. This process has already begun in the in-breaking and spread of the reign (or kingdom) of God.

June 9, 2016