Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Alex Absalom describes “Missional Community”:

The group balances its energies between an upward movement towards God, an inward movement toward the MC as a place of identity, and an outward movement to represent Christ to their mission context. When they gather, they express this in creative ways that are appropriate to their context. In fact, there will be great diversity between groups in how this looks, with a variety of faces and voices being given room to step forward and contribute what they can. The only ‘rule’ is that they do not try to do a miniature version of a Sunday church service

May 4, 2016

“Open-Edged” is the adjective Alex Absalom uses to describe a Missional Community in a blog post over at The High Calling. As the early church so clearly demonstrated, mission is best done in community. Our missional communities are meant to have a deeply attractive quality about them, offering relationships and service that are both highly …

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A missional community is an extended family of relationships, centered around Jesus, who go and make disciples amongst a specific group of people (Alex Absalom)

December 26, 2014

https://twitter.com/CSCleve/status/531269791068086272 ****** https://twitter.com/lensweet/status/531231893728292865 ******* https://twitter.com/mrajswoboda/status/531210056692686848 ****** https://twitter.com/missioalliance/status/531179015181443072 ****** https://twitter.com/missioalliance/status/531170209038888961 ******* https://twitter.com/geoffholsclaw/status/531141135994200065 ******* https://twitter.com/ryanmiller78/status/531137051606130688 ******* https://twitter.com/Pontifex/status/531025372884635649 ******* https://twitter.com/thequote/status/531018405101719552 ****** "How will you interpret your actions with words to help people want to join Jesus' kingdom?" @missioalliance #JamesChambers — Jerrica J. Profit (@Jerrica_Profit) November 8, 2014 ******* https://twitter.com/elijahdavid613/status/530898154464759808 ****** https://twitter.com/DerekVreeland/status/530897541127475201 ****** While we believe in Jesus as …

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"We don't do people any favors by protecting them from the adventure of a missional journey." @michaelfrost6 & @alanhirsch #discipleship — Discipleship Lab (@DiscipleshipLab) October 31, 2014 ****** "Love is or it ain't. Thin love ain't love at all.” ― Toni Morrison, Beloved — Rachel Held Evans (@rachelheldevans) October 31, 2014 ******* “This Halloween, give …

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You want to invite someone into you the church? Invite them into your home first. http://t.co/mAq0NXoHHq — Fresh Expressions US (@FExpressionsUS) October 23, 2014 ****** "Our first form of witness is our life together." ~ Keas Keasler @keaskeasler #V3Intensive @V3_movement — Tim Catchim (@timcatchim) October 23, 2014 ******* When the church resists change, it is …

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******* Lift up Christ when asked. Live Christ so people ask. — Leonard Sweet (@lensweet) October 13, 2014 ******* Scripture makes no differentiation btwn sacred & secular in activities. Caring 4 children & manual labor is as important as prayer & study. — Derek Arnold (@derekonmission) October 13, 2014 ****** Missional can simply be a …

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