Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

From The Missional Canuck

A church where the mission is not the first organizing principle of the church’s life will eventually cease to be the church. As Barth has often been quoted “The church’s mission is not secondary to its being; the church exists in being sent and in building itself for its mission.” The missional church is not primarily about having a mission or doing mission, it is about how the church is constituted. All that the church does must be able to point back to it’s relevance to the mission of God.

November 27, 2016

This is from Alan Hirsch: The mission of the whole people of God (MPOG),… involves activating the whole people of God and empowering every believer to be active agents of God’s kingdom in every sphere of life. Everyone in this movement, and not just the so-called religious professionals, must be activated and thus play a vital …

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I serve two small churches…with one being, well, really small. And the churches I’ve served throughout ministry have been small.  I’d say three of them have been healthy and two have not. And, I confess to looking with envy at times at the bigger churches. They have such “shiny” programming and it seems they have …

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It’s hard to be small. And it’s hard when so many of the church resources out there are from mega-churches with their mega-church pastors. It can lead us all into thinking that bigger is better. Efrem Smith, in an interview over at youthministry.com, addresses his fear for what this means: My fear for the church …

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