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I mentioned this above that the summer provides some natural activities that can be infused with the mission of extending the gospel. Our communities need to approach their summer fun with an eye toward joining or including neighbors, family, and co-workers, instead of just fellow Christians, to learn that mission can happen on the beach, at the pool, and around the grill just as much as on a short-term mission trip.

Here in New York, I watch missionary teams come from all over the country with similarly colored t-shirts and a catchy bible verse on the back to hand out tracks, host camps, and do other “missionary” activity. While these could be good ways to make people aware of Jesus, they are not natural.

When the gospel of Jesus Christ shapes the way we approach life, it can be normal to talk about your regular life (now shaped by your faith) over a meal, at the pool, and while hosting a backyard BBQ. Missional communities can enter into the rhythm of their city during the summer, participate in the neighborhood’s activities and find themselves cultivating friendships where life, and the worldview that shapes it, can be discussed.

The hope for missional communities in the church is to be living this way throughout the year and the summer provides an easy learning ground to teach us outside of a classroom.

June 4, 2016

Logan Gentry, over at The Verge, lists 5 ways to have a missional thanksgiving. You can follow the link to get the full account. In short he offers the following: Celebrate God’s gifts Invite others to the family meal Focus on family more than football Remember the hungry in your community Even use your leftovers …

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When I read about and look at small group ministry, I’ve only seen a missional community approach encourage the body of Christ at large to see Christianity and “church” as an everyday reality in all spheres of life. This is the result of missional communities being more than a meeting, but really a new rhythm …

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From Logan Gentry on The Verge Network: The typical language states that missional communities are NOT a bible study, a support group, a social activist group, weekly meeting, or small group. So basically it’s a small groups unicorn. Lately, the language is changing and that’s a good thing, but it leaves many of the questions from past …

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