Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I’m very happy to see another United Methodist source out there, exploring what it means to be part of a neighborhood. Here’s good advice to “Listen to Your Community” from Brandon Lazarus at UMC Lead. Interestingly, the connection between us is Perkins School of Theology and the missional movement coming from there.

It is only through listening to your community context and being a part of the community that you can really learn what ministry needs to be done there. As John Perkins shares, you must learn the felt needs, not merely the perceived needs. A felt need means you become such a part of the community that you realize your neighbors needs are now tied up in yours. Meeting felt needs is an act of love. A perceived need, however, means you remain separate from your neighbor and meet the needs you project on them. Meeting perceived needs [is] patronizing. I pray we are willing to admit we do not know the needs of others. I pray we are willing to listen. I pray we will take on felt needs.

March 6, 2014