Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Continuing with Dr. Karen Wilk of Forge Canada and The Verge, she has an example of how some of the missional communities she works with practice missional at Christmas Time: Many of our neighbourhood missional communities facilitate “Reason for the Season” gatherings, which consist of a weekly potluck supper and conversations around Advent-Christmas themes. We …

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Dr. Karen Wilk of Forge Canada has a wonderful metaphor for missional living over at The Verge. Here it is: We have had a lot of dew this fall. It glistens in the early morning sun on every surface. On the coloured leaves and flowers it creates a shimmer of beauty and gleams with refracting …

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Karen Wilk of Forge Canada has a wonderful, and deeply theological, reflection appropriate for this season. She says that, since our God exists in Trinity, three Persons who are not mixed together, that there is a sacred space between and among the persons of the Trinity. This is a pretty cool concept. But, what’s really …

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Imagine by Flickr user Flying High.

Imagine this…


What if every Jesus-following man or woman in our cities made it a priority to intentionally make space for sustainable and loving relationships with just two or three others, and asked them to do the same? Within 50 years, what kind of impact could we make?  Our hope is that the Rule and Reign of God would be proclaimed and demonstrated in every life around us.

(Quote via Forge America / Photo credit/creative Commons)

July 23, 2014

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From Forge: Dallas:

There are two competing postures for the people of God today: a church of consumers, demanding goods and services, and a church of missionaries, sent and sending into the world. These compete for the minds of Christians. Every church functions according to one or the other. Every disciple stands on these two foundations for life, two theological bases for making decisions, two postures that shape all we do: selling or sending.

July 22, 2014