Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Mission is a costly business. And in fact, the more costly it is for us, one might say, the more we experience something of how costly it is for God. Something happens to our godliness when we walk that path of costly crossing-over-to-that-foreign-needy-unknown-side following the Spirit’s leadership and in his power. We would argue that the more distant the other side is from our own culture and comforts, the more we have to learn to be like Christ. And if that’s true for the individual, it’s even more true for the Church.

So no, you’re not really missional if all you’re doing is thinking about local engagement, or engagement that is within a context that you’re comfortable with, and where all the unknowns are known. You’re not really missional if all your resources and Gospel dreaming is focussed on people just like you, in places just like your own, amongst people whom you hope will one day have a ministry like your own. God’s mission is to all peoples, in all their bewildering and staggering cultural, linguistic, economic, anthropological, social, human diversity.

(Via Australia’s Gospel Coalition)

March 13, 2016