Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

One more quote from Bill Easum as I just rediscovered him again. This is what he says about having a Kingdom Orientation when thinking of Church Planting: A Kingdom orientation is the number one thing I hear over and over. A kingdom orientation allows pastors to: Care more about how many people they give away …

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Living missionally is what I call living at the intersection of the world’s needs, God’s work, and your giftedness. It means taking several steps to put yourself into a place where God can use you.

Via Cheri Cowell

August 29, 2016


The central thrust of the incarnation was that by becoming one of us, God was able to achieve redemption for the human race and radical identification with all that it means to be human. If God’s way of reaching his world was to incarnate himself in Jesus Christ then our way of reaching the world (i.e. disciplemaking) should likewise be incarnational. We need to exercise a genuine identification with those we are trying to reach so that they may come to know God through Jesus. The following framework is an example of how Jesus relates to us through the incarnation and how we can relate incarnationally to others.

August 16, 2016