Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier


In the first place, the root of the word ‘missional’ is the word mission. Mission is derived from the Latin word missio, which has the core meaning of being sent. Most of the people who use the word ‘missional’ in the church link it more specifically to missio Dei – “the mission of God” (or “the sending of God”). The specific mission of God identified by missio Dei is that of bringing the redemptive work of Jesus to the world through the faithful witness of His people. With this as its basis, the word ‘missional’ describes the attitudes, perspectives, and activities that reflect the calling we have as God’s people sent by Him into the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

A second important attribute of the word ‘missional’ is that it’s an adjective. As an adjective, ‘missional’ is paired with and describes nouns. Interestingly, in these pairings the world ‘missional’ tends to take on shades of meaning that range from beneficial to destructive. Three of the most common pairings (‘missional church,’ ‘missional living,’ and ‘missional community’) demonstrate this fluid nature of the word ‘missional’ – and how it can be both beneficial to and dangerous for us as we seek to be faithful in our roles in the mission Dei.

September 13, 2016

Living missionally is what I call living at the intersection of the world’s needs, God’s work, and your giftedness. It means taking several steps to put yourself into a place where God can use you.

Via Cheri Cowell

August 29, 2016

Every Christian is a missionary, and we are called to live out our commitment to Jesus’ lordship in every sphere and domain of life. Church life, as we normally conceive it, is only one dimension of life, and all of us inhabit many other realms that make up our lives. What marks Christianity as distinct? It is truly a people movement: Every believer (and not just some presumed religious elite) is an agent of the kingdom and is called to bring God’s influence into all the realms of human existence. Just look to our New Testament for this! Because the Holy Spirit lives in us and we are all bearers of the gospel message, we are all agents of the King right here, right now, and at any time and in any place. — Alan Hirsch

August 13, 2016