Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I’m feeling the bug again…feeling the itch…feeling the call. I’m feeling like we need to do missional communities again in our setting. I’m not sure the time is now, but I feel it is coming.

With that I found the following from Verge to be appropriate:

So let’s say you are really captivated by this idea of Missional Communities. The idea of re-creating an extended family on mission together really grabs your heart, mind and soul.

Where do you begin?

Really, it begins with two very simple questions as you are praying:

1) Who do you want to be good news to?

2) To people in that community, what is good news?

Far too often we rely on clever ideas or what appear to be easy solutions. Let’s be honest: We think we’re smart enough, organized enough or hard enough workers to do mission successfully…so we ask God to bless whatever we’ve already put our minds to.

It may sound cliche, but what we really need to do is hear from the Lord and let his Spirit show us the way. He has shaped us in particular ways and he has been at work, preparing the harvest fields.

So God…what do you want me to hear?

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