Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

It’s so easy to “just” come to church and hang out with folks who are like-minded…who might even look like us and work with us. It’s easy “just” to serve on our committees and enjoy our coffee together. In fact, we like it.

So, why do the whole missional thing? Why get out of our comfort zones? Good questions, huh?

Kenneth A Camp does a good job leading us to the WHY:

If you believe in a Creator God, then you believe that God didn’t allow His relational perfection to keep Him from creating His most prized creation—us.

He could have stopped there though. The “wind up creation and let it run on its own” view. But He didn’t stop there. What we celebrate during this season of Christmas is how God sent His son to enter our world. If anyone is different from us in every way possible, it is God.

Yet He, through His Son, stepped out of everything He needed, entered into everything different from His nature—flesh, finiteness, frailty, brokenness—and didn’t just endure it, He embraced it.

When His nature becomes our nature, we are compelled to live the same way. We willingly leave our comfort to live among what is unfamiliar. We accept, even invite, others much different than us to be a part of our lives.


Well, Jesus.

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