Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

One more quote from Bill Easum as I just rediscovered him again. This is what he says about having a Kingdom Orientation when thinking of Church Planting:

A Kingdom orientation is the number one thing I hear over and over. A kingdom orientation allows pastors to:

  • Care more about how many people they give away than about how big their church becomes.

  • Focus more on reaching their community than growing their church.

  • Work with pastors from all different affiliations instead of just their own tribe.

  • Not care how many new churches are planted in their area.

  • Pray for the success of all the churches in their area and around the world.

  • See the harvest and take the risks needed to do what hasn’t been done before.

The problem with NOT having a kingdom orientation is that a church can be too focused on committees instead of discipleship, too focused on upsetting dying churches to want to plant churches nearby, and too focused on maintaining present structures than reaching out.

Read more of his post HERE.

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