Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

This week our two little churches move to the lectionary for preaching. The reason…well…it’s so that I can be in community with another local pastor who follows the lectionary. But, the thrill of it is to be very counter-cultural by following a different calendar than the one the world throws at us. It opens up a new world of discipleship.

Says Missio Alliance:

The Church Calendar reminds us that you and I are not the measure, or the focal point, of time.

Think of all the ways in which each one of us uses civil calendar to organize, apportion, and dole out our time. Our calendars and scheduling tools allow us to keep rehearsing the untruth that our schedules are the measure of our lives. The Christian calendar and the Jewish calendar from which it emerged are incredibly countercultural. They declare to us as a community of called-out people that we are living a different, eternal reality – a reality that is forming us in real time into the image of our crucified, risen Messiah.

I’m eager to see how this works for Christian discipleship in our two churches.

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