Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Let me say it this way. If God is a missionary God, then we must become a missionary people. If the way that God engages the world is incarnation, then we ourselves must become an incarnational people. Incarnationality ought to be part of who we are. Let me say it another way. Our theology, our deepest codes, the deepest ways we think about God and how He engages the world — and these two are very profound by the way — should inform our methodology.

And when we allow ourselves to do this, we begin to follow in the way of Jesus. We discover actually that the medium is the message. The church is more consistent with what we’re meant to do in the first place. We’re meant to be a people who go in, who love, who identify with a group of people, who are able to take root and to love the place, and to enjoy it, and to be part, and to affirm the humanness of people from within as Jesus did with us, and follow the way of Jesus.


(From Verge’s Disciplemaking Blueprint Course)

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