Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Says Graham Hill:

Missional movements are born at the margins. They thrive there. And they spread out from there.

God doesn’t only place the margins at the center of his love, concern, and mission. He begins movements there.

God’s mission is from the margins. Jesus was a Galilean Jews. He didn’t just care for the margins: He was from the margins himself. If the church’s mission, ministry, and message are to reflect the way that God places the margins at the center of his love and concern, then the church must see the margins as not merely being incidental to the whole.

And I get this.  I really do. I read my Bible and and I look at my community and I can see the growing edges, the places at the margins, where people are different, and new, and remain uninvited and unincluded. I can see the transitional persons who come to our community for a brief time (mostly for the summer) and then are gone. I can see the various industries that pull persons in from all over the world to our little corner of it. And, yet, I see that our church remains in the center. It’s in the center of town. It has persons of influence and standing in its leadership. And I can see that the folks who are out there on a Sunday morning are mostly like me…in many ways.  We are a “traditional” church with “traditional” people.

And that’s not bad. I know it’s not bad. I celebrate the folks I get the opportunity to connect with and live with and be with and serve with.  God is good.

But where are the margins? How do we move to the margins?

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