Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

The Well Community Church is in Great Britain and they have tried to find a balance between being “the church gathered” and being “the church scattered.” What is interesting from is how their missional communities all have their own schedule, their own way of gathering. And, since some of these gatherings are on Sunday mornings, they are not all together each Sunday. Instead they try to keep the first Sunday of the month as their big day, with other Sundays being smaller. This allows for the different missional communities to really adapt to what works for them — save that first Sunday morning of the month.

Here’s what their website says:

You’ll find a friendly and informal family service at Wells Way 3 Sundays a month from 11am, and if you come a bit earlier there is always tea and coffee. First Sundays of the month are a larger celebration. Second Sundays of the month we are ALL OUT in communities with no morning service at Wells Way. An evening Worship service happens on these Sundays at 7.00pm. Other Sundays are smaller, with several communities meeting in other locations.


Our communities each have their own rhythm of meetings which often involve gathering elsewhere on some Sunday mornings, so not everyone meets centrally every week. But on the first Sunday of the month, we make a priority of all meeting together.

I love the giving up of Sunday mornings but I’m not sure I’m bold enough to try that.

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