Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I confess, that was a tried and true method of “disciplemaking” back when I was in youth group. We tried to get our friends to come to special youth group events or to camp. And, during that time, I had members of the Campus Crusade for Christ invite me to one of their events, trying to “save” me — but finding out I was already “saved” and was already covered. But, the point is we can put a lot of time and energy into events, thinking this will produce disciples for us. Jeff Vanderstelt says otherwise at the Verge:

…Many people came to Christ not from a form of day-to-day discipleship with people in their life, but rather through an event, so that when you call them to something that’s going to

require life on life, life in community, life on mission with everyday people, they don’t know what that looks like, because all they know is how to invite a person to an event. And so we’ve pretty much cut off the training mechanism for discipleship, so people don’t even have an understanding of what it means when we call them to it.

One cool Christian concert doesn’t make a disciple.

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