Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

One of the challenges for many folks when it comes to missional stuff is asking, “where do I begin?” Even if you’re not in a “MC” or “Missional Community” that is meeting every week or even if you are part of a wonderful church congregation that isn’t on board the missional train, you can incorporate missional activity into your life. It’s really FOR EVERYBODY…which is what makes it so awesome. Because of this, I’m always on the lookout for lists of “baby steps” that individuals or families can take. Lyli Dunbar posted a list of five goals for the start of the new year way back in January. And while Lyli’s work is geared toward missional women, these goals could work for anyone:

  1. Volunteer to serve your community and get involved in meeting the needs of your neighbors.Is there a local homeless shelter or food pantry in your community that needs help?As you rub shoulders with other volunteers and pray, you might just have an opportunity to share the Gospel with someone who needs to hear the story of the hope that is within you.
  2. Have lunch with your coworkers and invest time in listening to their stories.Ask questions and pray for the opportunity to share your God story with them.
  3. Invest time and energy into the life of a person in your circle of influence who does not know Christ. Invite them out for coffee.Bake cookies and ring a doorbell with treats in hand.Mow a neighbor’s lawn.Host a neighborhood picnic.Consider how you might create room in your life for someone who is not a church goer, but will respond to friendship.
  4. Make a habit of going for a walk around your block in the early evening.Smile at passersby and be a “regular” chatty neighbor who is willing to stop and listen.As you walk, you can pray for your neighbors to come to know the Truth that will set them free.
  5. Pray daily for God to give you eyes to see the needs in your community, for boldness and wisdom to share Christ, and for His Holy Spirit to empower you when the opportunity to share presents itself.

There you go.

There is something in here for everyone.

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