Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I’m kind of in a missional funk here. I’m going through the motions of this blog and I have a long list of books that I’d like to read to further my thought process. But I’ve been so busy I feel like I haven’t had time to even “think” what missional looks like in my setting. And don’t get me started there… While I still say the “missional” things we’ve done have been the most rewarding parts of my ministry, they haven’t had any traction.

And then I read this from Winfield Bevins at Fresh Expressions:

Before you get too excited about being missional know that not everyone is going to like this. Before you and your church become missional you may want to count the cost first.

Everyone wants to talk about being missional but few people actually want to live on mission. Why? Being missional will cost you something. Look at Jesus in John chapter 6. When Jesus told them what it really meant to follow him many of his followers bailed on him. And I have news for you; people will bail on you too.

Notice I said, “You’re church.” Being missional will not kill Jesus’ church, but it just might kill your church. In many ways this is exactly what needs to happen. Too many of our churches are built on personalities, buildings, and programs instead of Jesus and his mission. We are addicted to our church subcultures, numbers, personal agendas, and so on.

If we are honest, we all want our churches to be successful. But what if being successful meant focusing on a few instead of the multitude? What if being successful means losing a lot of our church crowd who really don’t want to follow Jesus or live on mission anyway? So before you try to transition your church to being missional ask yourself the question, “Are you ready to pay the price?”

I think part of paying the price is the slow process which is at work here.

And, yet, it can still feel like a funk.

3 thoughts on “In A Missional Funk

  1. Andy says:

    Not sure I’ve ever read a post about the reality of ‘missionial funk’ it can be exhausting. Sometimes being faithful to Gods call isn’t allways inspiring, exciting and dynamic but enduring, and weary filled as we traverse the spaces between inspiring exciting and dynamic. God bless to you.

    1. jimdoepken says:

      Thanks for appreciating my “missional funk” 🙂

    2. jimdoepken says:

      and for the prayers :0

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