Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

One of the hardest things, as a pastor, is to get out of the mindset that church is something that occurs for a couple of hours on Sunday morning. Our weeks are planned around that “sacred” time. Our families know that, while others may be get Sundays off, that’s not an option for us.

And, one of the hardest things, as laypeople, is to move beyond the “Sunday only” church. We can think after that hour, we’re done for the week.

It’s ingrained in our heads.

But there’s more. Church is something that is 24-7. And here is a conversation that Jeff Vanderstelt had that shows what this might mean:

Recently I was speaking with a couple who’re in the process of becoming missional community leaders and I asked them how they thought the transition from Sunday to everyday was going.

“To be honest, we’re a little overwhelmed.”

When I asked why, they responded,

“Well, it used to be that church was one-two hours on Sunday and a few hours on Wednesdays with our community group. But you keep saying that we don’t go to church, we are the church 24-7. That’s a little overwhelming because that means everything counts – we’re always on.”

I said, “Well, you know I didn’t make that up, right? You already were the people of God 24-7 regardless of whether I said so.”

They agreed with some laughter, “Of course, we see that. It’s just that we weren’t really thinking about it before. Now we are.”

I continued, “Well, it doesn’t need to overwhelm you. If you were the church 24-7 before when you weren’t thinking about it, and God was at work in you, whether you knew it or not, think about how much more fulfilling life could be when you are fully aware that he is at work in and through you all the time, even when you’re sleeping!”

Yes, how much more fulfilling life can be…

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