Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

In the spirit of Sunday morning, I offer the following from Barry Cram:

If you were a graduating medical student, it would be impossible for you to become a doctor if you were to only attend a one-hour lecture on Sunday. What kind of residency would that be? If you wanted to become a plumber or an electrician, the same would apply. It would be impossible for you to earn your license and master your craft if you only attended a one-hour lecture a week on “how to plumb” or “how to electrocute.” The same can be said for any apprentice in any field.

I am being reminded that it is no different with making disciples because “discipleship is apprenticeship.” It is one thing to preach about making disciples. It is another thing to live it, do it, eat it, drink it, and sleep it. Classroom lectures and Sunday-morning sermonizing are good things, but they will never be enough if we want to make disciples that follow the ways of Jesus and disciple others to do the same…

We cannot learn how to live like Jesus by simply congregating inside the four walls of a building once or twice a week. Discipleship is apprenticeship. There must be hand-on training in the real world. There must be access to the real world. There must be life-on-life. There must be a social, cultural grid where we can apply The Truth and become like Jesus.

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