Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I had a good discussion with one of my older kids the other day about God’s will. This is after she had a surprisingly deep discussion about it in a High School English class. Eventually you go down a rabbit hole of “free will” and “determinism” and “God’s sovereignty” and “predestination.” It can be a fun exercise. However after a couple thousand years of discussion on the topic you usually don’t find yourself any further along when you’re done talking.

It’s after this talk that I read Allan Bevere’s reflection on God’s will. I found it to be a welcome illustration;

God’s will is not like a divine Easter egg hunt where we must find each egg under a particular bush; and Christians need to quit wracking their brains in an attempt to discover the singularly perfect will of God. We must pray for the will of God, but let us not lose sleep over it. We are to bloom where we are planted, and if God has something different in mind, God will make it known.

God’s sovereignty should not be equated with fatalism.

As I ponder over and worry about the missional role of our churches, as I struggle with whether or not some “plan” or “program” is God-inspired or self-inspired, as I struggle with which group in our community we need to reach, I need to not beat myself up over it. Just “bloom where we are planted” and trust that God will direct us when we need direction.

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