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If you’re a dog person and get a rabbit, you may like the rabbit, but you will soon realize that it’s not a dog and you won’t be able to treat it as such. Dustin James White says we act like this in the church. We have a whole lot of folks coming to church who don’t really DO church the way we have done and we can’t expect them to fit the mold.

He writes:

The dog-culture of the Church is one of Navigators, Romans’ Roads, and Evangelism Explosion… a culture of having every jot-and-tittle figured out… a culture of “build it, and they will come.” A rabbit-culture within the Church is one that craves dialogue over monologue… a culture that is comfortable living in the tension… a culture of a lived theology.

This trend is not unique to a few cities here or there that we’ve traveled to. Missiologist Alan Hirsch spoke of the stark reality that the existing model of “church” can, at best, “only reach a maximum of 40 percent of the American population”—a caveat of the population that are the proverbial “dog-people.” Hirsch goes on to say that “this is a problem because 95 percent of American churches are using a model that even if successful will reach less than half the population.”

But what about the 60 percent? What about the growing generation of rabbits? Shall the church continue to treat rabbits as if they are dogs thinking that given enough time and repetition these bunnies will eventually learn to sit, heel, fetch, and perhaps even roll over?

How are we trying to force incoming generations to do church the way it’s always been done?

What needs to change?

Read the whole blog post…REALLY. It’s right here.

2 thoughts on “Dogs, Rabbits, and The Church

  1. Thanks so much for your words and work!

    1. jimdoepken says:

      Loved your post. Thought it was a fun way of looking at the church

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