Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

OK, I’m a sucker for beer. And to marry it with some hymn singing sounds divine. That’s just what Beer and Hymns (B & H) is doing out in Durham, North Carolina. This is how George Linney puts it:

For happy place three, I traveled to FULLSTEAM brewery, 20 minutes away, to sing and enjoy beer and fellowship with 150 or so gathered for the monthly beer and hymns.

Jesse James DeConto and the band led us in both hymns and secular music in a casual sing-along. B&H is a Fresh Expression in its own right.

The band receives $300 for its offering. This fee was split between Choice Fitness and TTC. Donations from the evening helped pay for the band and $133 was raised directly for Girls on the Run, which brings me to happy place number four.

If the night were measured solely on funds raised, well, $50 in the common purse at TTC and $133 at B&H is okay, but not great.

But Choice Fitness is likely to pick up a few paying clients as a result of the evening. Tobacco Trail Church was at its best, which is what we are trying to do. Be at our best.

Girls on the Run received a community touch in a way that was totally new a unique. Who knows where future coaches, children for programs, or major gifts are being prayed over as a result of the connection?

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