Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I keep looking for the magic pill, the magic potion, the one plan or idea or gimmick that will lead to missional community. The problem is that there isn’t one. It varies by location. It has everything to do with context and the people you are trying to reach. It has everything to do with the folks who are already passionate.

There is no cookie-cutter approach.

There is no “5 Steps to Your Missional Community” that will work every time and every place.

So, I keep reading about how these things begin and how they are nourished and how they continue. It gives me hope.

So, with that I’m happy to read Rick Richardson’s account of how his group began. And, it began with science fiction.

Some time ago, a colleague and I began a science fiction book club with the purpose of engaging people far from God while also reading some fun books. Since then, much of our ministry has involved rebuilding broken trust and developing new bridges to communicate our faith.

Over time, it has become a tight-knit group of friends who can’t wait to get together for our monthly gathering and simply be ourselves. For my colleague and me, the group is just plain fun. But it is also our missional extension of witness to people who otherwise would have no meaningful connection to Christians or the church.

As I read this I wonder where my “book club” is. I wonder where my connection is with the unchurched of our community.  Where will I be missional?

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