Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Ben Hardman writes about “Lifting the Discipleship Lid” over at Missional Think Tank. While a great post about discipleship and changes needed as we adapt to the future, I loved his illustration about basketball and the need to change our approach if we’re going to adapt to what the future brings.

We also need to change our daily routines so we can lean into the things that bring real and lasting change. If we want to lift the DISCIPLESHIP LID we need to learn to dribble with our left hand. When I was a 14 years old, I was developing into a decent basketball player, not a star by any means but I was decent. The only challenge for me was I could only dribble with my right hand. So whenever I had the ball, my defender knew what direction I was going to go. I had to spend an entire year dribbling with my left. It was incredibly frustrating, I turned the ball over often and I was not as good of a player for a full year. I had to do what didn’t come natural so I could learn to make it natural. This revolutionary discipline doesn’t come easy for those of us who have been trained to succeed and who know how to lead successfully within the church walls. Yet a few years of leading with a limp will teach us to develop new strengths. The day is coming where all the skills and tactics of leading successful mega churches will no longer work and what will matter is can we make disciples in our everyday life. Over 60% of our population won’t enter the doors of a church no matter how good the teaching, programming and band is. Those numbers are increasing rapidly each year. My belief is that within the next 10 years, churches in America will lose their 501C3’s and non profit status and the money will run low. The scary thing is we are actually training our pastors to lead in a system that will be obsolete in the next 10-20 years. Until we accept the fact that we need to relearn and dribble with our left we will continue to create converts without disciples and build structures that ultimately won’t last in tomorrow’s economy. We must learn to abandon our kingdoms to pursue Gods!

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