Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Len Hjalmarson is here with some good working understandings of COMMUNITY and MISSION.

Community is all those elements of shared life and must be much more than Sunday mornings. The more significant interactions the members have with one another the other six days, the more vital will be those Sunday gathers. Moreover, the more vital the formational aspects of shared life (study, bible teaching, sacraments, care and compassion) the more vital will be community and mission.

Mission is any component of life that is shared for the sake of the world. But local mission is most critical in the life of a local church. In what ways are we a visible sign of God’s presence in the world? How do we collectively and individually show the love of Jesus? The stronger this component of our life, the more we will value the intentional aspects of community and communal formation.

Do check out Len Hjalmarson’s blog. It’s always good stuff.

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