Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

One of the great things about missional communities is they, by their very practice, show how salvation is something that occurs in community. We need each other. And if we preach a gospel that is only dependent upon oneself — “getting yourself right with Jesus” — we’ll find that we’re creating Christians who think they can do this on their own. Therefore, says James Nored,

We should emphasize the communal aspect of salvation when sharing the gospel, as well as, as much as possible, share Christ communally with others; if we convert people to an individualistic salvation, then it should not be a surprise that people take their salvation and then go on their merry way–they do not know anything different; and the Christian community is part of the appeal and joys found in Christ and salvation and is often attractive to outsiders; that is why, whenever possible, I seek to share in seeker small groups, so that people can experience this Christian community, which helps them come to faith.

So, by having folks in missional communities, they are showing that this is how faith takes place. It’s not a solo sport. It’s a team.

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