Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

One thing I have found is that my head (and this blog) is swimming with ideas and concepts on missional theology and practice. But, one size does not fit all. Each missional community need to be reflective of the community of which it’s a part…a process that takes a long time.

But, not all is lost (even if it seems like it at the moment). We can get pointers for how we might begin. Logan Gentry provides some pointers:

  • Prayerfully read the gospels, acts, and one epistle from Peter, Paul and John. Ask God to show you the differences in each personality or community and why.
  • Ask your neighbors, co-workers, and friends outside of the church questions about what they love, how they spend their time, and what they wish a church would be like. Listen and observe, sit with God with the answers.
  • Think about your community and where they are in understanding God, His mission, and the culture around them. Consider the journey you and your community will need to take to repent, change, and join God’s mission by faith.
  • Have conversations with your community that are open-ended toward the type of church their neighbors and friends need. Be open to church as you know it changing.
  • Seek to establish ANY rhythm that will engage with God and others, then be flexible to adapt as you follow God on His mission. At some point, quit talking, and learn by doing, failing, and changing.

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