Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Dr. Karen Wilk of Forge Canada has a wonderful metaphor for missional living over at The Verge. Here it is:

We have had a lot of dew this fall. It glistens in the early morning sun on every surface. On the coloured leaves and flowers it creates a shimmer of beauty and gleams with refracting colours making one pause in awe. Dew refreshes. Dew nourishes.

In Scripture, dew is a sign of God’s blessing. Matthew Henry’s commentary explains that the people of God “shall be great blessings to those among whom they live, as the dew and the showers are to the grass, to make it grow without the help of man, or the sons of men. Their doctrine, example, and prayers, shall make them as dew, to soften and moisten others, and make them fruitful.”

I wonder, then, how we might be among our neighbours like dew, making our neighbourhoods beautiful, stirring up pauses and moments of awe, softening, moistening, making them fruitful.

Good stuff.

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