Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Our main administrative meeting is just around the corner. Soon we’ll have a gathering of the few, the proud, the “committed enough to show up on a Friday evening” crowd at Seward United Methodist Church. And while we’ll work hard to have our time together NOT be about jumping through hoops and filling out forms, there will be forms to fill out and there will be a few hoops for us to jump through. When all is said and done, we’ll have some sense of where we’ve been and we’ll have some sense of what lies ahead.

Part of this moving forward, however, is about asking the right questions. And there are a lot of questions to ask. But will they be the right ones? Will they help us move forward in missional ways, reaching our neighbors in new ways, and leading us in apostolic ways.

I found some good questions to help us over at The Missional Network in a post by Shawn Duncan. It’s just three questions.

  1. Is the center on God or on the Church? — We need to be looking at what God is doing and not what the church is, or should be, doing.
  2. Is the focus on activities or identity? It’s all about a lifestyle and not about adding another program–particularly a pastor-led program.
  3. Is the connection to neighbors transactional or relational? We don’t just want to meet needs but to transform relationships.

How about us? What’s our center…our focus…and our connection to our neighbors?

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