Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Our annual meeting is coming up in our congregations. We’ll fill out reports. We assess the health of our church. Sometimes, however, I question if we value people as much as we should.

Hear these words from Logan Gentry in a blog post about the missional impact of the Good Samaritan:

We too often value tasks and achievement over people and presence. We commit to more things than we are able to be faithful to, we run late and our minds often wander to the next meeting or activity. For those of us with families, we fill their schedules and commute everywhere for the latest sports activity, class, or lesson because they must be the most well-rounded, advanced child in everything. They need these things for their college application, future resume, and because we didn’t have them.

A successful day has become getting a lot done, advancing the bottom line or the mission, and when we reflect on the day, we don’t remember a single person we interacted with.

Jesus was busy, but never too busy for people. His disciples would often push people away or wonder why he spoke with certain people, but Jesus’ value, His mission always had to do with people.

How can we, amidst all of the meetings and numbers, show that we value people the way that Jesus did?

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