Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I have posted about “Prayer Walking” here before. Previously, we used prayer walking as a way to lead into a season of our missional groups — a way to discern the needs, the character, and God’s working in our community. So, I’m always interested when I see other missional thinkers seeing this as a vital way to be engaged in their neighborhoods. This is what Brad Bridges said recently, in a larger list of ways to be missionally engaged:

I find that over 75% percent of the missionaries I’ve ever visited utilized prayer walking in some fashion. On the flip side, I’ve only personally met two pastors in the United States that have ever spoken to me about prayer walking. Why is that?

Prayer walking is easy. Take a walk with friends and pray for what you see. Pray for the people that come to mind. Pray for the emotional, financial, and spiritual needs you encounter. Pray for one another. You can do this with your kids too. Missional living through prayer walks can happen while your kids are playing at the park. It’s an opportunity to be mindful of your community and continue to deepen your relationship with God.

I know that in our own community there is group of clergy who are considering a prayer walk. While some look at it as a way to evangelize, my viewpoint is a little more nuanced. I see it as a way to shape our response to the needs of those around us and more fully embody Christ.

Could your church do a prayer walk this week?

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