Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I found this very interesting. Here is a tale of a Foresquare pastor who saw the need for her church to be transitional. She knew that it was going to take being involved in “Community Gatherings” outside of the church’s Sunday worship service. So, they started the mid-week groups meeting in neighborhoods. But here’s what happened next:

Living Way had always been a tradition-rich body modeled on Sunday and midweek services, with traditional programs. The church was strong, but it wasn’t growing. Tina knew a change was needed.

Tina soon realized, however, that her congregation was so used to meeting on Sunday mornings that they viewed Community Gatherings as secondary in importance and often declined to attend them. To “shake the tradition,” she changed the church’s corporate worship-service time from every Sunday morning to two Saturday nights a month.

“Moving the service time was to help the people understand that we were moving away from ‘doing’ church because God was calling us to ‘be’ the church to our community,” she says.

You see what she did here. She moved away from the traditional Sunday morning worship in order to get their folks out in the community.

That takes some guts.

And I think it’s awesome that God is providing for that church after that change.

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