Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Our lives are full. We get up in the morning with our days all planned out. We work full days. We fill our down-times with other activities. And (I’m speaking from experience here) we fill the rest of the time with endless browsing and media consumption. How can we possibly have any room at all for being missional? But that’s what we need to do…make room.

To build missional relationships, we have to be willing to make room in our lives.You make room when you create margin in your schedule to show up to events that are important to the lives of those you’re ministering to.
You make room by opening the doors of your home. Invite people in for dinner or to watch a movie.

You make room by going into your city and helping the less fortunate. Work in a soup kitchen or volunteer at a home for battered women.

Make room for people in your life. They’re what it’s all about anyways. (via)

So, there you go. Make some room.

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