Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I love the notion of a “Missional Halloween.” In our household, I have been the one who takes Halloween more seriously and is usually charged with the trick-or-treating task. And I like it. I enjoy going house to house. And I enjoy meeting neighbors. I enjoy dressing up in costumes. And, let’ face it, I enjoy getting the candy.

So, I also enjoy it when someone talks about Halloween in a missional way–as an opportunity to meet neighbors, form relationships, and get out in the community. That’s what Brian McCormack does over at Verge. Here’s bullet-pointed list that I’ve abridged. You can read his descriptions over at the site.

1. Check Your Conscience –Whether you feel compelled to participate or to find another way to spend your Halloween evening, do so with joyful confidence – knowing that you’re guided by the Holy Spirit, and with humility – understanding that others might choose otherwise and be just as faithful as you in doing so.

2. When People Knock, Answer. — This Halloween open the door. Smile. Be friendly. Talk to people. Ask their names.

3. Visit Every House On Your Block. — This holiday is giving you the green light to connect with anyone with a porch light on.

4. Be Creative. — Feel free to go above and beyond. If you think of an idea that ends up being a hit, do it every year.

5. Pray. A lot. — Before the evening’s festivities begin, pray that the Holy Spirit would give you eyes to recognize unique opportunities to connect with people…

Thanks, Brian McCormack.

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