Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I love it when, in the midst of my web browsing and reading over of missional stuff, I find Eugene Peterson mentioned; because I love the way he writes and I’ve said I would love to sit at his feet for a few days. This was found over at Scott Boren’s site:

…the church is sent out into the world to be what Eugene Peterson calls “a colony of heaven in a country of death.” (Practice Resurrection, 12) The church is not called out as an enclave from the world. It is called out in the midst of the world. The church is a gathering people who live distinctively in the midst of the “principalities and the powers of the air.” Peterson writes, “Church is the core element in the strategy of the Holy Spirit for providing human witness and physical presence to the Jesus-inaugurted kingom of God in this world.”

I think this gives a good description of what the church is supposed to be. And, I think it gives us some tasks as we go about doing it.

  1. We need to identify what the “death” is around us.
  2. We need to determine what an inbreaking of heaven would look like.

One thought on “Eugene Peterson and The Kingdom

  1. soulstuck1 says:

    I’m convinced that bringing the good news to a world of darkness is more about being good news than it is simply telling people a story. I feel the same way about Peterson as you. We are little outposts of heaven.. Bringing the Kingdom down.

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