Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I’m not sure I want to be THIS missional.

Carey Neiuwhof proposes that we listen to “TOP 40” music.

That’s rough. My listening tastes vary between garage-style rock to Americana. In other words, I like a lot of stuff that doesn’t sound overly produced. I wouldn’t say I have “hipster” tastes. But it is true I like a lot of bands that have pretty small followings.

But I can’t really argue with Neiuwhof:

Making yourself listen to music your unchurched friends are listening to helps you get into their world.

Yes, you’ll find the music morally objectionable. And you won’t like the beats. But I’m not asking you to like what unchurched people are listening to…just to listen to understand it.

Music contains so many clues to the value system of our culture, the struggles of our culture and the hopes of our culture. A culture that I assume you’re trying to reach with the ultimate hope of Jesus.

I guess that’s why I try to support the artists that come to our small town. It’s a way of supporting and learning about and loving the people in the community.

Then again, I guess I’m thankful that a lot of the music that comes to down isn’t really “Top 40.”

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