Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

From Aiden over at Jesus Fellowship Church:

When we talk of ‘missional church’ we typically mean ‘church that sometimes evangelises’, but mission is not the same as evangelism, evangelism has a part in fulfilling our mission.

Mission is bigger than evangelism in the same way the kingdom is bigger than the church; the church is just a temporary expression of the eternal, timeless, location-less kingdom. We need to understand how much greater our mission is than ‘missions’. Missional church is not an event on a calendar, it’s what we get when we make God’s great commission the overriding purpose and intent behind everything we are and do.

Everything we do in light of the great commission is missional activity. An un-evangelistic cake baker can be missional if (s)he makes cakes for an open-house event. An evangelical church is not necessarily a missional church so long as it is more shaped by its traditions than its mission, that’s an outwardly-active but introspective church at best.

Because the adjective ‘missional’ is placed before the noun (or some would argue verb) ‘church’, the mission defines the church. It’s not so much that the church has a mission, rather the mission has a church. The whole purpose and goal of the church is to fulfil God’s mission on the earth and it finds its vitality only within that mission. A missional church organises everything about itself around its mission, not fits its mission between its other affairs. A missional church is not a sending agency but a sent agency.

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