Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

What might we need to embrace in our neighbourhoods that might make us/ the church uncomfortable; that might defy our rules and rituals? But, “if I refuse to meet this neighbor, even though he may appear to be ungodly to me, says Barth, I may deny the Christ living in me.” For some going to the local pub might feel like a stretch, for another it might be participating in the yoga class at the community hall with some neighbours. In any case it is a shift from expecting people to come into our comfort zone and adopt our practices, as has so often been the expectation of Christendom churches. The mission of Jesus and of His followers in contrast, is apparent: live among. Do life with your diverse neighbours as they do it where they live. Do life among as a vulnerable one; with the grace and humility to accept what your neighbours have to give; ‘eating’ what is set before you. It makes receiving hospitality as crucial to ministry— participating in God’s mission as “healing the sick who are there.” Scott Hagley explains, “In the framework of the instructions, eating, healing, proclaiming are all set alongside one another. The eating is just as direct an instruction as the other two.

(Via V3 and Karen Wilk)

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