Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

The is another quote that’s been sitting in my “inbox” for a while. I’ll go and look at it, think about it, and wonder how it relates to what I’m doing in ministry in my own setting. I like the notion of gardening at the beginning of the quote, as it seems like that’s where I am now…still planting and hoping to get to the pruning stage.

This is from Ben Sternke and his awesome blog:

Change a culture is delicate, harrowing work. It’s less like engineering and more like gardening.

The question is always how to introduce the virus without telling people to change. We introduce the virus, and then care for those who are upset and train those who are excited.

It’s learning to do it like Jesus did, never directly, but always indirectly, in parables that would seem innocuous and even silly in the moment, but later would explode in people’s minds like grenades that shattered paradigms and blew apart illusions.

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