Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier


“A key aspect where missional leadership is concerned, is “the discernment of (the) missional vocation” (Van Kooten & Barrett 2004:139) of the congregation. The church’s function can thus be described as participation in God’s mission to the world and the whole of creation (Cordier 2014:82). It is for this reason that the first and most fundamental function of missional leadership is to constantly refocus the congregation’s attention towards God, to discern in faith whether God is present, where He is already at work in the congregation’s context through his Spirit, in order to determine where the congregation can become an active part of God’s already existing mission (Cordier 2014:82). “Listening attentively to the Word, to one another, and to the world is central to participating in God’s mission. The listening must be accompanied by discernment – the Christian practice of attending to God’s call for Christian communities corporately, and for each of us personally” (Van Gelder & Zscheile 2011:151).

  • See more at: NextReformation.Com (I’ve been reading Len Hjalmarson’s blog for some time now. Always good stuff.)

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