Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Our Missional Group experiment which took place over Lent will continue. That’s good news. Overall, we had about 30 people participating for a 7 week process of blessing each other and blessing our community. And, it seemed, most people wanted to continue meeting in some form. We shared comments recently after a worship service and people really enjoyed connecting with each other and being engaged in deep conversations.

Even though we are continuing, we’ll be changing our format to accommodate the summer schedule, which can be intense around here. Schedules change frequently over the summer. Visitors come. Work happens at odd hours. There are hikes to take and fish to catch. Children are engaged in day camps and summer camps. Our 22 hours of daylight can lead to 22 hours of activity.

So we won’t meet every week. We’ll just meet twice a month.

And we have a “mission” to be engaged in that I think we’re all in agreement about — Children’s Activity during our First Friday Art Walks in the downtown area of Seward. One of the key components I preach about missional is to see what is already happening in your community and seeing if you can participate along with that in way that makes sense for the context. We already have art walks, which many of us love, and we think it would be great to focus on kids and kids art for that 2 hour block every month. It would be a blessing to parents. It would be a blessing to have the church utilized in a new way during the summer. It should be awesome.

So, we’ll be meeting twice a month and being engaged in community work once a month.

Then, as Fall approaches, we’ll have to reinvent ourselves again.

We’re getting some “traction.”

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