Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

This is from Redemption Hill Community Church in Auburn, Maine. This was a new church plant, with Missional Communities build into its DNA. While I know that new church starts are challenging and, for all the success stories we read, there are stories of “plants” that never “grew.” Nevertheless, sometimes starting new can be easier than trying to revitalize old systems.  One of the things about this church I liked is that they don’t call their Sunday worship “church.” They actually call it their “gatherings” and are clear that it’s because they are called to BE the church and not GO to church.  Here’s how they understand their Missional Community component:

We believe the Christian faith is lived in community through the moments of everyday life. At the heart of Redemption Hill life are groups we call Missional Communities (MC). MCs are our primary way of understanding our connection to each other as a local church body. In these groups of 10 to 25 people, we live our lives as a family of missionary servants, each group with a mission or target people group that God has called us to serve. As a family, we eat meals together, disciple and care for one another, meet the needs of our neighbors, and live on mission together. We seek to trust the Gospel in the pain and joy of each day, allowing its power to overflow into every aspect of our lives. As an MC, we don’t simply attend church, we are the church. We are called to be God’s ambassadors to the world, enthusiastically participating in God’s mission to restore this broken world to Himself. Our hope is that every person within Redemption Hill will have a MC family that they call their own and that they fully embrace. As God calls our members to new missions and new people, we will train leaders to rise up and lead new MCs, joined by others within the RH family. We believe that, in this way, God will multiply our MCs, making room for more people to come experience the joy and love that we enjoy as family in Christ.

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