Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

OK, I can’t bring myself to think of Campus Crusade for Christ as “CRU.” It seems too hip for me still. Maybe it will become more comfortable to me. However, regardless of their name, they have a good introductory video to talk about the basics of Missional Living for students — which is directly applicable in other settings.

Of note, they have the following discussion questions on their YouTube page to get more discussion going:

1. Are you willing to go wherever God wants you to go, do whatever God wants you to do, say whatever God wants you to say, and give whatever God wants you to give? Why or why not?

2. Who has God placed in your sphere of influence? Do you see yourself as sent by God to these specific people? If you did, how might your relationships and encounters look different?

3. Where is God calling you to invest your time, talent, and treasure in reaching others for Christ? Write a personal kingdom vision for how you are trusting God to use you and then share it with at least one other person who can join your “team” in praying with you and helping you put plans in place.

4. What practical steps of faith can you take next in moving toward your kingdom vision?

5. What areas of your life need to be developed to better fulfill your calling and what next steps will you take to better equip yourself? Who can you ask to be your coach to encourage you along the way?

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