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Beer Sampler @ The Lab from Flickr via Wylio

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So, the Catholics have a bar. It’s in France. I’m not sure the teetotaling history of Methodism would allow for such a thing. But I’m intrigued.

A bar being run by the Catholic Church might sound like the setting for a lame Irish joke, but it’s not Irish and it’s no joke.

AFP reports that a bar recently opened in northern France with the backing of the Catholic Church. Bar Cana in Lille launched this month as part of an effort to reach out to younger people, who might be more willing to interact in a bar on a Saturday night than in church on Sunday morning….

The bar’s name is significant, referring to the wedding feast at Cana, where Jesus is said to have performed his first miracle – turning water into wine, rather than the infinitely easier and much more common practice of turning wine into water….

There are nods to traditional Catholicism throughout the bar: the wifi password is Deo Gratias (God be thanked), and a carafe of house wine is referred to as a Madonna. Above the beer pumps (all the beers come from abbeys and monasteries, naturally) is a figurine of Pope Francis, and Biblical verses adorn the walls. Sadly, AFP doesn’t say if the wine is Châteauneuf-du-Pape or if the top shelf is filled with holy spirits…

So…A Methodist Bar anyone?

2 thoughts on “Could We Do a Methodist Bar?

  1. David Elmore says:

    Since it is Holy Humor Sunday, this reminds me of the joke “How do we know Jesus wasn’t Methodist?” “He would have turned the water into Welch’s grape juice.” Doing a quick search of the Discipline, it still encourages abstinence though there is a prohibition on using General Church funds for alcohol. I thought there was a provision banning the use of Alcohol on church owned properties. So maybe a consultation with Mr. Lonnie Brooks on whether our history would allow it would be in order.

    1. jimdoepken says:

      Actually had a brief conversation about this (on a related matter) yesterday at a Leadership Team meeting for the conference. The Book of Resolutions says not to have Alcohol in church buildings. Doesn’t say on property as far as I could tell. And it’s been understood that parsonages aren’t included–whether or not they are officially excluded.

      I like the idea though.

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