Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Lyli Dunbar has a great list of five ways to form missional friendships over at Missional Women. The list isn’t just for women and includes the following:

Encouraging the likeminded: Jesus lived in community, not isolation… It’s important to forge relationships with people of faith because iron sharpens iron. Your friends should be pushing you toward greater growth and understanding of the Truth. Do you have these types of relationships?

Caring for the Hurting: We are called to be present for one another. Just as Christ stopped to minister to those who needed healing, we are to do the same. Who in your circle of influence is brokenhearted right now?…

Serving our Community – …Is there a 5K at the local park for a charity? Take a look around your town and see where the needs are for friendship. As you offer Christ your “loaves and fishes,” He will multiply your efforts to feed the hungry and open up doors for you to share the Good News.

Inviting in the Lonely: … Practicing hospitality is a great way to be in mission….A single mom, a college student away from home for the first time, an elderly neighbor are all people who may accept your invitation. You could share the Good News over a cup of tea.

Sharing with the Lost: Are all your friends “church friends” who look like you? …You can’t reach the modern day “Samaritan” if you never leave the temple and walk down the city streets.

Do check out her full post for more details and examples.

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