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I have tried to make a little bit of Bible study a part of our fledgeling communities. I’m very intentionally trying to not turn it into just a Bible study and I’m very intentionally making sure that everyone is able to share a bit about what the passage might mean to them. I want it to shape the lives of the members but also let them know they have the ability to interact with the Bible through the Spirit.

Alex Absalom gives some pointers here:

What we are trying to develop is a way of reading the Bible in missional communities that democratizes the process, so that anyone can do it. This requires a confidence in the power of the Bible, by giving it room to breathe and shape thoughts and behaviors within our group without us first micromanaging the process in case something not fully sound slips out. (Actually, we have found that groups are naturally self-correcting when that occurs, but in a way that preserves and honors relational dynamics).

Put another way, we should be reading the Bible in a way that is simple, but not simplistic. This will unleash its power, as Jesus takes something simple and embeds it deeply into a heart — with the rest of the community watching on, encouraging and helping that process where they can, and themselves being impacted by what is being shared.


Got it.

3 thoughts on “Reading the Bible in Our Communities

  1. Reblogged this on Making Disciples in an Emerging Culture and commented:
    Can this approach be used to teach the community how to study as well as reflect? I like it and hope that it bears fruit

    1. jimdoepken says:

      I thought this was pretty cool

    2. jimdoepken says:

      Pastor Chaney, let me put a bug in your ear for Path1 Folks. The Missio Alliance Conference in Alexandria, VA was instrumental in my missional thinking. I am no expert and, really, just a pastor struggling to get some traction with this stuff. But the conference is good…and at a traditional black Baptist Church. Not many Methodists there but a great learning environment. It was there that I heard of the Fresh Expressions US folks who are now working with mainline folks. Anyway, it’s good. Got a couple good sermon series out of it as well. The conference is in Early May.

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