Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier


On Thursday I’ll be attending an online learning event to hear from Brian Zahnd. Brian is pastor at Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO. I’ve been reading about him (no so much reading “him” for a while. His name has come up. And, when the learning event was offered through Ecclesia, I signed on and have been browsing some Brian Zahnd material. I thought for the next couple of days I’d highlight some of his writing and offer a brief comment.

The following is from Beauty Will Save the World, p. 71 & 140

The larger society should be able to look at the church and get an idea of where this thing is headed. The world should be able to look at the church and see a preview of what is to come…

We need to seriously discuss among ourselves what the world will look like when the end of the age arrives and Jesus “hands over the kingdom to God the father, after he has destroyed every ruler and every authority and power.”…

What we are to do is anticipate the future by living that way now! To do this we need to ask ourselves things like: What will be abolished? What will be maintained? What will be restored?

The world needs to be able to look at the church and see the future that God intends. With Christ’s coming (and his defeat of death on the cross) there’s a new king in town, with new rules, and a new promise. So we live under this reign now. After sitting at the feet of Stanley Hauerwas in seminary, this makes perfect sense to me and I can see how this ties in with Zahnd’s non-violence. We are living in a new reality, regardless of whether it makes sense to the larger “world,” the principalities and powers.

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